Usage Limits and Best Practices

Usage Limits and Best Practices for working with the SmartBuildings API

In this guide, you will learn about the usage limits of the SmartBuildings API and the best practices for its use. Our goal is to help you build reliable systems that leverage our API’s full potential within its operational framework.

#Best Practices and Usage Limits
1Keep open HTTP connections to a minimum. Ideally, you will wait for a response for an API call before making another one. If you keep it within 2-3 HTTP connections at any time, you will be well within the limits.
2Please handle API error codes gracefully. For instance: when you receive an error from the API, it is understandable to retry that request. However we recommend implementing an exponential backoff technique for your retry algorithms. (This does not apply to cases where the token is expired or the credentials are invalid as retrying will guarantee the same result)
3Polling frequency for gathering up-to-date information about thermostats and buildings should be limited to every 5 minutes, or less frequently.
4Please only request a new access token when the API confirms that your existing token has expired. Requesting a new access token for each API call may result in your access being suspended.
5We encourage you to understand and comply with the rate limits of our API, as explained in this guide.