Summary: bug fix for 500 error on some register thermostat requests


  • the API was returning a 500 error when attempting to register a thermostat that was already registered in the ecobee Residential Portalecobee Residential Portal - This is the portal for residential users of ecobee thermostats to register and control their thermostats. Normally a thermostat can only be registered in SmartBuildings or the residential portal. However if a thermostat is in Tenant Mode it can be registered in both. Sign-up or log in to the residential portal at but not registered in SmartBuildingsSmartBuildings - SmartBuildings is subscription-based thermostat management software for commercial and multi-family buildings from ecobee. Built to optimize savings and comfort, effortlessly. Sign-up or log in to SmartBuildings at The response will now be a 403 with a descriptive message of "serial number is either invalid or already registered to another ecobee account"