Summary: added a delete building endpoint


  • DELETE /api/v1/buildings/{buildingId} - this route will allow for deletion of buildings from SmartBuildings. All thermostats must have been removed from the building before a deletion may proceed.


  • the accepted format for thermostatId has been updated. It was always a string before, but we've made it more strict to match the actual serial numbers on thermostats better. It remains a string, but it must additionally contain only digits (0-9). The reason for the string format is in some rare cases a serial might start with a leading 0. We believe this shouldn't affect any workflows as the type has remained consistent.
  • when taking a thermostat out of tenant mode, ie, setting isTenantMode = false, the SmartBuildings name will now be copied to the thermostat automatically. This is to ensure that a tenant's privacy is maintained in the case they had named the thermostat something of a private nature. This is one of the first steps in an ongoing process of ensuring tenant privacy when a thermostat is in tenant mode.