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Ability to set more hold options on Cool/Heat Set points

It would be great to be able to specify a unit of time/duration for a cool/heat hold rather than just indefinite or nextTransition. Proposing perhaps being able to send a float with number of seconds to hold.

Create Events

I notice there isn't currently a way to create a new event on a thermostat - is this something that will potentially be added in the future? I'm doing it behind-the-scenes for now, but it would be nice to be able to create an event via API as well.

Api Access

Hi, We own 10 of the EMS SI. I used to access the thermostat via the old API (pre-smartbuilding) I need to get a client_id and client_secret but I cannot see anywhere on https://sb.ecobee.com/ to do this. Thanks Yann

Runtime Reports via Smart Buildings API

How can we request a runtime report for a particular thermostat?

Changing desiredHeat and desiredCool in Auto mode

Many of our clients keep the their thermostats in Auto mode. I'd like to be to change the desiredHeat set point and desiredCool set point for a HOLD event. Unfortunately, the current API only provides for changing the desiredHeat set point when the stat is in Heat mode and similarly for the desiredCool. Any chance the API can be updated to allow changes when the stat is in Auto mode?


Hi I'm trying to find the Client ID and Secret to begin to integrate the API

How to send alert on thermostat

Hi, I can see there is an API to get the alert from the thermostat. Is there anyway that we can send custom alert to thermostat?

What if we do not want to switch - what are our options

What if we do not want to switch - what are our options?

Ecobee Switch over

When the switch happens will the weblink be the same or will we need to find a different login page?